Press Release: A Start-up growing a company



Munich, May 9th, 2019

Since its summer 2018 seed round, EVUM Motors has come a long way. Its workforce is growing rapidly with many relevant new hires, while suitable properties in and around Munich are allowing for preparation for mass production.


With the appointment of key positions such as the Head of Vehicle Development as well as the Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing, important positions that link internal and external resources have recently been filled.

„The search for personnel has taken a positive turn in recent months as we are increasingly viewing ourselves as an e-mobility manufacturer. The average age of our employees is 34: With experienced executives in key positions and young idea providers in all departments, we are well prepared for the future.“ – Michael Kinne, Commercial Director at EVUM Motors

As an employer brand, the start-up is also making the leap to becoming a medium-sized company. Since the move into the development centre in Munich Schwabing-Freimann more than a year ago, EVUM Motors has grown rapidly: The company is already employing more than 40 people in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, vehicle development and design, testing and homologation and production, along with commercial areas such as sales, marketing, business development, and customer service. At the same time, the company, which emerged from a research project at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), continues to be actively supported by working students from the Department of Automotive Engineering and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering among others.


Likewise, production continues to progress: In the Lower Bavarian town of Ergoldsbach, a production facility is now being prepared for serial production. A workshop featuring a showroom is currently being set up in Munich.
Looking ahead to September of 2019, the next milestone is in sight at the International Motor Show (IAA). A new, enhanced vehicle design will be on display in Frankfurt. This vehicle will largely correspond to the serial model.

„Right now, the team is working on our IAA presentation. The already interested public will get to know an electric vehicle of the N1 class with up to one ton of payload and a production-ready design.“Sascha Koberstaedt, Founder and Managing Director (pictured on the right next to founding colleague and managing director Martin Šoltés)

Following the IAA 2019, there will be another funding round for series production in order to manufacture 1,000 vehicles in the first year starting in the spring of 2020 and to pursue additional ambitious plans in production and internationalisation in good time. EVUM’s management is open to talks with potential investors.

About EVUM Motors GmbH
EVUM Motors stands for the dawn of a new electric utility vehicle era.
The potential applications of the first German, mass-produce e-van featuring road approval are innumerable: From an irreplaceable transport aid for organic farmers to a whisper-quiet forestry vehicle, From a reliable climber on steep vineyards to Mister Clean at the cleansing department, EVUM aCar is the most economical and environmentally friendly solution for a sustainable mobility concept across the globe.

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Kristin Michels
Corporate Communications
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Zentrale: +49 89 9016 2643
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