EVUM Motors - Electric Mobility for Everybody

EVUM's electric mobility in its simplest way perfectly fits use cases all over the world


Electric mobility for everybody

The need for affordable sustainable mobility distilled to the simplest way is a global necessity. The vehicle is designed as an economic and sustainable means of transport for developing countries, but it also perfectly fits applications we see in developed countries and urban areas. The adaptability and robustness allows countless applications for vineyards, farms, gardeners or municipalities.


A true multi-purpose vehicle


Evum provides features beyond transport of people and goods, to improve quality of life. The battery can store solar power and acts as an energy source at night. An external power output can drive a pump or cool vaccines.


High volume production parts combined with local manufacturing and assembly


Knowledge exchange

Interdisciplinary research and industry knowledge combined with proven high volume production components from Europe create the basis for a robust electric drive. Design for manufacturing combined with local skills facilitate decentralized production of chassis, body and interior in Africa by small and medium enterprises.

A sample factory is being built in Europe. Subsequently, new locations can be created globally by transferring the knowledge.


Drive the change to electric mobility in the developing world

our goal

Rural transportation is a key enabler to achieve the most urgent development goals in the developing world: education, healthcare and economic development.

Our aim is to provide citizens in developing countries with affordable and sustainable electric mobility.

Local production and the use of renewable off-grid electricity strengthens independence of communities and facilitates small and medium enterprises.


Design based on understanding people’s needs now and in the future



Evum Motors is a spin-off from Technical University of Munich. Our mission is the industrialization of the research project aCar mobility. 

The design is a joint effort between TUM and local universities in Ghana, Kenia, Nigeria and Tanzania. The vehicle concept has been derived with close link to local communities to suit local needs.


Prototype successfully tested in Ghana in summer 2017


Feels like home

The vehicle has been tested under real conditions by local users in Ghana. It passed all tests and exceeded expectations. The robust concept and its features perfectly fit the needs. Word-of-mouth spread the news about our prototype across the country within days.